Friday, December 27, 2019

Tesla Software Updates from 2019

About once a month my car gets a software update that makes it more capable and enjoyable than the month prior.  I've never experienced anything like it from the automotive industry.  What a year of progress:

  • 2019.40.50 - FSD Visualization Preview, Camping Mode, Enhanced Natural Voice Commands, SMS Reading and Creation, Dash Cams (4x) Save when Honking, Backgammon, Stardew Valley, TRAX v0.1, Enhanced Driver Profiles, Adaptive Suspension Damping Improvements
  • 2019.40.x - Adjacent Lane Speeds, Wiper Improvements (Deep Rain), Auto Lane Change Improvements, Autosteer Stop Sign Warning, Faster Supercharging for SR+/MR, Autopilot can be set down to 0mph, Enhanced Rear Camera Clarity, Better Error Descriptions
  • 2019.36.x - Driving Visualization Improvements, Stopping Mode, Scheduled Departure, Power Increase, Automatic Navigation
  • 2019.32.x - Smart Summon, Netflix/YouTube/Hulu/HuluLiveTV (Added in Theater), Spotify in U.S., New App Functionality - Window Venting, Defrost Settings, Smart Summon, HomeLink, Dashcam adds rear camera (4x Cameras now)
  • 2019.32.x - Key Fob Security Update, Software Update Status Icon, Driving Dynamics (Raven S/X), Norwegian Support
  • 2019.28.x - Adaptive Suspension Damping Improvements, Driver Profile Key Linking, Chess Game Added, Media Volume Improvements, Beach Buggy Racing Game Controller Support
  • 2019.24.x - CHAdeMO Adapter Support, Sketchpad Improvements, Owners Manual Improvements, New Application Launcher, Beach Buggy 2 Game
  • 2019.20.x - Dog Mode Improvements, CCS 200kW Third-Party Charging, Conditional Speed Limits, Bug Fixes
  • 2019.16.x - This version also seems to match with 2019.15.11 on some vehicles. New Visualizations, Updated Sentry Mode Options + Icon, Updated Emergency + Lane Departure Avoidance, and Software Update preferences
  • 2019.12.x - Sentry mode (w/o USB recording), Software Update Screen, Stoplight Warning Alerts, Updated TeslAtari games including 2048 Tile and Breakout
  • 2019.8.5 - Navigate on Autopilot Updated, Lane changes no longer require confirmation
  • 2019.8.3 - Peak Power Increase (Model 3), Stop Light Detection in AP, Summon with Key Fob. Europe > Dynamic Brake Light + Navigate on Autopilot, Dog Mode, Sentry Mode
  • 2019.7.x - Supercharger v3 Enabled, 250kW peak rates
  • 2019.5.x - Sentry Mode, Dog Mode, Blind Spot Warning Chime, DashCam includes side cameras, Auto Folding Mirrors based on Location

The year ahead looks even more exciting with the deployment of more and more "full self driving" features working towards the ultimate goal of full autonomy coast to coast.

Bring it on! #Tesla2020

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

the time has come for hardware 3

Over the past few years Tesla has developed an incredible supercomputer special designed to handle the types of AI calculations required for full autonomous driving.  Until now cars outfitted with older technology from Nvidia were able to keep pace with the new hardware with the current functionality of Tesla's AutoPilot self driving functionality.  Until today.

This morning Tesla started pushing out version 2019.40.50.1 of it's software, the first to take real advantage of the power available with the custom Tesla Hardware 3.  Users that have HW3 will now see visualizations of lane markings, stop signs, traffic signs, and other road obstacles that are being tracked by the AutoPilot software.  This new display helps to build confidence in the drivers that Tesla really is tracking everything around it needed for full self driving functionality.

I'm currently running a HW2.5 unit, so I won't get to witness the new visuals until they schedule me for the upgrade in the next month or two.  It doesn't matter.  It's just cosmetic at this point.  I'm patient enough it won't keep me up at night.  But, wow.  We really are here.  The time has come.

#HW3 #FSD #RoboTaxi

Friday, December 06, 2019

the coming decade

The new decade is upon is.. less than a month away.  The last year has been a bit turbulent, ups and downs across the board personally, professionally, and a newfound desire to explore in the Tesla.  What will 2020 bring?  Come along for the ride..

Tesla Software Updates from 2019

About once a month my car gets a software update that makes it more capable and enjoyable than the month prior.  I've never experi...