Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Five K

It's pretty mind boggling to me, but I'm just about to hit five thousand miles on the Tesla Model 3.  This has been a pretty amazing seven weeks, I'll say that.  :)  I'm still every bit in love with this car as I was on the first day, and I don't see that changing.  This really is like swapping from the old KRZR phone to the iPhone.  I'm not going back.

Once in a while you'll catch me driving, but I spend 95% of the time on AutoPilot driving me around.  On interstates and freeways it's closer to 100%, and on other streets it's mostly red lights and stop signs, she handles the rest for me.  I occasionally run into an issue, and I file a Bug Report about it.  This usually comes down to poor lane markings, but that's a real issue it'll have to learn to deal with just like human drivers do.  No complaints here, I enjoy playing the overwatch role far more than the primary driver role. :)

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