Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Model 3 Premium Audio

Currently all offered Model 3 configuration packages include the Premium Package, but at some point that will become an optional upgrade.  One of the most enticing perks of the package for me was the premium sound system, so inclusion of the premium upgrade being mandatory was not a roadblock for me.  I was not disappointed, the sound system is quite good.  It is not audiophile level, or so I'm told because I'm not an audiophile. I just like good quality sound and the Model 3 delivers.  It's quite good.

For the best audio experience I try to stick with HD radio stations and files from a USB drive, but bluetooth from a 256kbit source can be pretty good as well.  The included streaming audio is nicely integrated, but a bit of a disappointment on quality  at 96kbit.  You can upgrade the quality slightly to 128kbit with a paid Slacker account.  I'd stick with the bluetooth using your mobile if you want to stream which will get you up to 256kbit quality, or dive into the USB drive if you can live with the clunky interface afforded the USB option.  The interface is only software so I'm hoping it gets some love in the future, it's pretty limited with basic artist, album, genre support and folders function as playlists though it's alphabetical by track name with no sorting options, but at least there is a shuffle within a folder so it works for my needs.

Notwithstanding the clunky interface for USB and low quality of the integrated Slacker streaming, I absolutely love listening to music in the Model 3.  This works out well since I also enjoy letting AutoPilot drive me places.  Combine the two and I'm road trip ready for the world!  :D

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