Tuesday, November 20, 2018

First Model 3 Road Trip

We had our first road trip in the Model 3!  I was a bit nervous as any new electric driver should be about getting to the charge stations, but I can say that the Tesla SuperCharger network is absolutely amazing. :)  The car mostly drove the trip, about 99% on auto pilot as it drove in roughly 3 hour segments between supercharger stops.  We stopped at an 8 stall in Knoxville TN that is a nice shopping area with a couple food options as well, an 8 stall in Hickory TN located at a Sheetz station and then arrived at our destination a few hours later.  The next morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel next door to the 16 stall in Fayetteville NC while we charged up prior to making the return journey, visiting the same chargers in Hickory and Knoxville on our way home.

This car continues to amaze me.  I love it.

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