Monday, July 25, 2011

it's raining.. bitcoins?!?

Worked a lot with my new bitcoin mining rig this weekend.  It's running pretty smooth and trending around 800 mhash/s.  I've got another nice fan coming tomorrow to improve the air flow a bit inside the case which should bring down the temp a few more degrees.  What's next?  It's an Ubuntu system, but I think my next step is I need to boot into windows long enough to unlock the bios limitations.  Generally this is useful for overclocking, but I'm actually looking to do the reverse.  I want to underclock the memory and voltage since I'm not actually using those aspects of the video card.  This will generate less heat, thereby allowing me to raise the core clock speed of the gpu.  The end result?  More mhash/s at the same temperature.  At least that's the goal.  We'll see how that works.  Not looking forward to putting Windows on the box though.. might just borrow a hard drive with Windows on it long enough to do the unlock.  Hmmm.... (BTC 14M8MSf67FvqGpXBU3QJaYjzd9enT9nKbd)

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