Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is the pool open yet?

Is the pool open yet? The short answer, no.

At the start of the pool season I was on top of things. I got an early start, got the cleaning supplies I would need, started working. The waterways blue and looking good. There was just one problem. After a few days water started leaking out of the pool pump. *sigh*

Unfortunately I was afraid this might happen. The first big freeze last fall caught me by surprise and I had to do a rush job on closing the pool. I figured something would go wrong.

Back to the spring opening, water leaking out everywhere. I called around to the local pool shops. They either only deal with in-ground pools or they were currently booked solid with openings and were not accepting new customers. Damn.

I finally found a guy using google local search. Excellent! I gave him a call, explained the situation, and later that day he came out to take a look. After taking a look the pool guy said he thought he could fix the motor, he would pick up the part he needed and come back the next day. I tried working with the guy, he seemed nice and genuine enough. At this point he has basically disappeared with the money I gave him for a new pump (after the repair did not resolve the issue), and the phone number he was using has been disconnected.

I contacted a couple other local shops again and there's not much help to be found. *sigh* I give up. I'll figure it out. It's not rocket science or a complex software development issue. It's PVC pipe, some fittings, some wrapping, and a motor. Ordered a replacement pump online (1/2 the cost of what I was taken for locally) and I'll install the darn thing myself.

The pool WILL open. :)

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