Sunday, November 01, 2009

titans win one

Vince Young led the Tennessee Titans to their first victory of the season (1-6) today against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Young had a great outing, although he did not win the game alone.  He led as a leader should, and helped to inspire this team to perform at it's best.  Welcome back Vince, hopefully you will continue to develop and improve over the upcoming weeks.

Chris Johnson also earns a mention in his performance today, setting a franchise record with 228 rushing yards, leading to a pair of touchdowns.  Congrats to Chris and the offensive line for helping make it happen.

In other NFL news, the Broncos faced a defeat at the hands of murderous Ray Ray and his fellow Ravens, leaving only the Indianapolis Colts undefeated this season.  Brett Favre lead the Vikings to victory to sweep the Packers this season (and covering the points total spread, tks Brett), the Giants floundered (damn it Ely, didn't win much less cover the spread.. that one is going to hurt) against the Eagles, Chargers took a victory over the Raiders (but didn't cover), and goodness the Bears decided to play this week (who knew?!?).

Overall a great Sunday of NFL action, now it's time to get back to work.

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