Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Super Mario Bros Wii

The New Super Mario Bros Wii has been released, and so far.. thumbs up. The gameplay is everything you expect from the Super Mario Bros franchise, along with the pure fun and enjoyment that comes with it.

There are a couple new costumes for Mario and friends to put on, some new control aspects using the Wiimote, although they are not overused.  It's refreshing to see a quality 2d Super Mario Bros return to the big screen, having had the pleasure of this title originally being released on the Nintendo DS and loving it.

The multi player takes a minute to get used to since the characters can't go through each other; you are certain to bump each other off ledges and have some general confusion when trying to get through the levels, but you learn to work with this quick enough and you will get some great laughs in the process.

The worlds you encounter definitely follow the themes from the franchise, pulling areas in from all the previous titles, including the often forgotten Super Mario Bros 2.  The world map follows the pattern of Super Mario World to navigate between Worlds and Maps, working to conquer the Fortress and then the Caste for each World.  There are mini-games to earn power ups spread through the maps, as well as hidden warp zones (one of which I uncovered  by accident earlier).

The one big feature missing that would make this title really impress would be online multi player.  Interacting with the other players seems to add so much to this title, although I doubt it would be quite the same without being in the same room anyway, at least without head sets, but it would still add a lot to the game over playing single player mode.

All in all, one of my favorite games in a long time.  If you are a fan of the classics, pick up your copy today along with a copy of Punch Out, it's well worth it.  Being an obsessive 2d Super Mario fan, I would pick up a Wii just for this game... just like I did the DS.  Fortunately for my pocket, I already had a Wii.

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