Monday, November 02, 2009

Damn Yankees

Those damn Yankees.  I know, we've heard it before.  We will hear it again.  Tonight they should finish out the 2009 World Series with the Evil Empire blowing away the Phillys.  The only silver lining here is hey, you too can go place a bet and take home some cash out of it.  ;)  Rest assured this will not make anyone but you feel any better about it, but hey.. take your winnings and save a puppy or something.  Help bring balance to the universe.

Other smart bets for tonight are the Falcons +12 and the over 55 bets for Monday Night Football, and for NBA fans pick up the Bobcats -7 and again the over on that game as well.

Hell, if we go 5-0 on the bets go ahead and save two puppies.  ;)

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