Friday, November 27, 2009

Rebuilding Server

Rebuilding my server here at the house this weekend (if I have time), thinking about putting Ubuntu Server on there instead of Gentoo.  I don't really know why, I've just been fairly pleased with managing the Ubuntu virtual machines lately and are growing more accustomed to them over Gentoo.  Am I losing my inner-geek?

To go with this currently deciding between continuing with my existing vserver setup, or swapping over to using KVM. This would give me some more flexibility in the supported virtual machines, but if I'm only messing with linux virtual servers, does it really benefit me at all to go with KVM?

Once I get all of this situated and get things configured and up and running reliably, I'm going to go ahead and move the remaining web hosting sites over to my internal server and close out my current colocation box.  I see no reason to keep spending money when I have this server sitting here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Super Mario Bros Wii

The New Super Mario Bros Wii has been released, and so far.. thumbs up. The gameplay is everything you expect from the Super Mario Bros franchise, along with the pure fun and enjoyment that comes with it.

There are a couple new costumes for Mario and friends to put on, some new control aspects using the Wiimote, although they are not overused.  It's refreshing to see a quality 2d Super Mario Bros return to the big screen, having had the pleasure of this title originally being released on the Nintendo DS and loving it.

The multi player takes a minute to get used to since the characters can't go through each other; you are certain to bump each other off ledges and have some general confusion when trying to get through the levels, but you learn to work with this quick enough and you will get some great laughs in the process.

The worlds you encounter definitely follow the themes from the franchise, pulling areas in from all the previous titles, including the often forgotten Super Mario Bros 2.  The world map follows the pattern of Super Mario World to navigate between Worlds and Maps, working to conquer the Fortress and then the Caste for each World.  There are mini-games to earn power ups spread through the maps, as well as hidden warp zones (one of which I uncovered  by accident earlier).

The one big feature missing that would make this title really impress would be online multi player.  Interacting with the other players seems to add so much to this title, although I doubt it would be quite the same without being in the same room anyway, at least without head sets, but it would still add a lot to the game over playing single player mode.

All in all, one of my favorite games in a long time.  If you are a fan of the classics, pick up your copy today along with a copy of Punch Out, it's well worth it.  Being an obsessive 2d Super Mario fan, I would pick up a Wii just for this game... just like I did the DS.  Fortunately for my pocket, I already had a Wii.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Ultmate Figher - One Soldier Left

Welcome to The Ultimate Figher - One Soldier Left

The episode started things off as usual, recapping the previous fight.  Things ended Matt getting a winded victory over .., both fighters barely able to stand. After witnessing the close decision loss, and feeling things should have gone to a third round, Rampage threw a temper tantrum tearing up a flimsy door in the facility.

After the fight the teams head back to the house for some recouperation time so they can work towards the last remaining fight of this round, Team Rampage's Marcus "Big Baby" Jones vs Michael Wessel.  While at the house that night, Matt goes straight to bed, not feeling very well.  Wes Sims was the lone individual that felt that celebration was in order, not wanting to allow Matt to be the "Party Pooper" decides to check in on him, and go ahead and spray the room down with silly string before allowing him to return to his slumber.  From the looks of things, Matt might need more time to recover than the show's schedule is going to allow.

On with the training of both the final participants for the qualifier round, Rampage is looking to push Marcus hard, his last soldier for a Rampage victory.  The team wants to get respect back, and Marcus is their only chance.  In interviews Marcus details how he is taking advantage of being the final fight, working and learning the entire time leading up to the fight.  He is quite confident he can pull out a win.. the win..  Rampage's win.

The next morning Marcus is awaken by a "scorpian-spider-laviathon" creature and screams like a girl. He completely panics, screams of terror, completely immobilized being held captive by the creature.  Justen Wren comes to Marcus' aid to kill the spider, but doesn't let him off the hook that easily.  Justen teases Big Baby a bit before setting it aside until the rest of the crew is around, at which time the carcass gets thrown on Marcus who jumps up running from the room, cries of terror that can be heard for miles!

Back in his proper mind set, we get some background on Marcus.  He speaks of his football background, and confesses that although he was able to get in and get some play time due to his natural physical abilities, he never was engulfed into football the way he is with MMA.  He says he is really able to excel because he eats, lives and breathes MMA, 24/7.  Even with this, Rampage is seen questioning whether the big giddy puppy has the fighter instinct.

Michael's background and frame of mind is a bit different than Marcus.  Michael is here trying for his big shot, sacrificing personal time with his wife during a difficult battle with cancer.  He speaks of the daily cards and letters that he sends to help show his support for her, and wishes he could be there for her.  This would seem to me to be a pretty large distraction when it comes to proper focus leading up to a fight with a short training schedule.

Michael continues to train hard, and with the game plan wants to stand up and bang with Big Baby, let him feel the thunder.  Rashad emphasizes no take-downs, keep it standing and let him feel it.  Michael has UFC fight experience which should give him an edge in the fight, as long as he sticks to the strategy.  He talks of Marcus being a "massive, massive man" but seems intent on putting that aside to "beat the shit out of him."

In the next round of prankster antics some sketches are posted of Marcus, with various comic-style speech bubbles coming from him, wanting a new coach among other comical remarks.  At the bottom of one of the sketches Michael added "sucks balls."

When Marcus finds the sketches on the window in the house, he is less than pleased.  Big Baby overreacts a bit to the prank, yelling that what if his family were watching and sees that.. his kids.  Most of the house agrees, he's overreacting and needs to learn to take a joke.

It's almost fight time for the week, so we get things rolling by gathering up both teams at the gym to do weigh-ins.  You can't bring the groups together without some witty banter amongst the teams, and this opportunity is no exception.  Things get started with Rampage and Roy Nelson pulling up their shirts and doing a bellly-slap against each other.  This was NOT a pretty sight.

Rampage decide to mess around a bit with "Titties" again, that seems to be the thing to do.  At first they were cutting up together and playing around a bit, but when Rampage reached up and grabbed a handful of man-boob, it was clear he had crossed the line.  The gloves were off as Titties stared down Rampage, an iminent throw down only avoided by teammates coming to break things up.  This was looking pretty serious.  The actual weigh-in was quick, Michael weighing in at 260 and Marcus putting up a strong 262.

Now it's fight time, let's get things rolling!  Things look like they will start out slow with some feeling out, but Michael goes right after Marcus throwing some strong punches.  Marcus is getting hit with a few, but nothing that appears to really be a concern.  Once Big Baby gets a feel for the power coming at him, he goes on in with his arms extended to minimize damage, "Mummy Style" as labeled during Rampage's recap, and gets ahold of Michael.

Unable to get some range to throw some shots, Michael goes for a trip.  As Marcus starts to fall, he rolls things over so that he lands on top, in a half guard.  Eager to get off the ground, Michael decided to give up his back and try to get to his feet quickly.  Unfortunately Marcus was too quick, grabbing on to Michael and slowly and loosely going for a rear naked choke.  The hold was rather loose, allowing Michael to just roll over into Marcus' full guard. 

Things looked to be in a rather safe position for Michael, he should be able to possibly work the ground a bit, or stand things back up.  It looks like Michael is doing just this, making an effort to stand up out of the full guard and Marcus flips the leg over and yanks hard into an arm bar.  Michael taps almost instantly, appearing to have possibly broken his arm with the snap of Marcus' extension.

Marcus "Big Baby" Jones.. the Last Soldier.  Victorious, breaking Team Rampage's cherry and moving to the next round of fights.  Team Rashad finishes with a 7-1 record going into the quarter final match-ups.

After interviewing each of the fighters with both coaches and Dana present, it's time for the quarterfinal match-ups to be announced.

Roy v Justin
Brandon v John
James v Matt
Marcus v Darrell

To close out the show, following the match-up announcements, Rashad asks if Team Rampage wants to work with the guys on his team, help everyone out with some good training and making things easier with him having 7 of his 8 fights working towards their own matches.  Team Rampage stands strong, led by Kimbo's stance that he is going to support his coach and his team.  Once Kimbo speaks, the sheep follow suit.. They'll all help train Marcus and back what little remains of their team.

Looks like Marcus and Team Rampage have a bit of a leg-up for the remainder of the fights as far as training diversity.  If this wasn't enough, Dana throws Rampage a bone and lets him pick his fight for the quarterfinals. Marcus might go a bit further than expected when you take this into consideration.

And now we wait for next week...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Damn Yankees

Those damn Yankees.  I know, we've heard it before.  We will hear it again.  Tonight they should finish out the 2009 World Series with the Evil Empire blowing away the Phillys.  The only silver lining here is hey, you too can go place a bet and take home some cash out of it.  ;)  Rest assured this will not make anyone but you feel any better about it, but hey.. take your winnings and save a puppy or something.  Help bring balance to the universe.

Other smart bets for tonight are the Falcons +12 and the over 55 bets for Monday Night Football, and for NBA fans pick up the Bobcats -7 and again the over on that game as well.

Hell, if we go 5-0 on the bets go ahead and save two puppies.  ;)

Sunday, November 01, 2009

titans win one

Vince Young led the Tennessee Titans to their first victory of the season (1-6) today against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Young had a great outing, although he did not win the game alone.  He led as a leader should, and helped to inspire this team to perform at it's best.  Welcome back Vince, hopefully you will continue to develop and improve over the upcoming weeks.

Chris Johnson also earns a mention in his performance today, setting a franchise record with 228 rushing yards, leading to a pair of touchdowns.  Congrats to Chris and the offensive line for helping make it happen.

In other NFL news, the Broncos faced a defeat at the hands of murderous Ray Ray and his fellow Ravens, leaving only the Indianapolis Colts undefeated this season.  Brett Favre lead the Vikings to victory to sweep the Packers this season (and covering the points total spread, tks Brett), the Giants floundered (damn it Ely, didn't win much less cover the spread.. that one is going to hurt) against the Eagles, Chargers took a victory over the Raiders (but didn't cover), and goodness the Bears decided to play this week (who knew?!?).

Overall a great Sunday of NFL action, now it's time to get back to work.

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