Saturday, October 31, 2009

nfl sunday week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the 2009 NFL Season. Some exciting matchups this week for sure.

You've already read my stance on VY coming out and showing what he can do. We'll see how that goes. With any luck the Titans can break the downward spiral they are currently in.

Other games to keep an eye on, Brett Favre is returning to Green Bay with the Vikings in hopes of a repeat of the recent Monday Night Football performance. This should be another high scoring slug fest that shouldn't be missed. I've got my money on this one going over the 47 points.

The undefeated Broncos are headed to Ravens territory, and despite a 3-3 record the Ravens should not be taken lightly. This one will be a slug fest as the Ravens are notorious over the years for stepping up and handing teams their first defeat.

For people paying attention to the spread I'm taking the Giants, Cowboys and Chargers all to overtake their respective matchups. We'll see how that goes. ;)

One hour until kick off, if you don't have the Red Zone Channel, GET IT. There's no better way to take in the entirety of Sunday's games.

witches angels and a penguin too

I hope everyone had a pleasant Halloween full of ghosts and goblins, perhaps a haunted house and of course plenty of treats to keep you kickin" for a few days.

I took Kylie over to my sister's house to spend the evening with her three cousins. A pleasant evening, though a bit chilly (shocked, I know.. at the end of October it turns out it gets cold, who knew?). We walked around some houses in their neighborhood, then went to visit a friend of theirs that lives a few miles away. Overall an easy going evening that I can't complain about.

Now, back to work. Things to do, little time to do it. Let's get to it.

fedors return

We are now one week away from the return of Fedor. This will be the first time Fedor appears in a cage, and more importantly the first time for the national broadcast audience on CBS.

Fedor has a celebrated history as the best in the world amongst heavyweights in the MMA genre. Few will dispute this claim, though more and more are becoming skeptical that he is still deserving of this pristine ranking. It has been quite some time since Fedor faced an opponent that people consider to be in their prime, with most of his recent encounters being ex-champions that are no longer in the UFC that may or may not be representative of the level of fighting they put forth when they were the champions.

When Affliction folded their MMA promotion aspirations and Fedor was given the opportunity to seek out a contract with another organization, many hoped to finally see Fedor step in and measure up against the top talent that the UFC heavyweight division has to offer. Fedor did not share this same desire. Putting the best interest of M1 Global promotions company Fedor has a part ownership in (tongue in cheek rumored to be a front for the russian mafia) ahead of his own legacy, Fedor signed with Strikeforce who agreed to hand over a piece of the pie, something the UFC refused to do. This was a great disappointment for many, with the heavyweight division of Strikeforce severely lacking any real talent.

So now the time has come, and Fedor will have his first title defense in Strikefore against Brett Rogers. Saturday November 7th we will see how Fedor performs against the undefeated Rogers, though I don't think many consider him real competition.

Is this a real fight for Fedor? I don't think so... but I will still tune in and there will be some hope inside me that Rogers has a good day and catches Fedor with his guard down. ;) You never know...

the return of VY

The Tennessee Titans have had a dismal start to this season, currently starting at 0-6. The time has come to make a change. Do I blame Collins for being a bad QB? No, I most certainly do not. Collins has served this team well over the past couple years, and I do not feel that Collins lost those six games single handed. Collins is a consistent QB that is more than capable of getting the job done. Sometimes that is not enough.

Vince Young, although less of a consistent QB than Collins, has a playmaker ability that Collins has never displayed, and this playmaker ability has the potential to ignite the spark in every player on his team, both offense and defense. This is what the Titans need right now to get back on the path to victory. Will it happen? Only time will tell.

I certainly hope we see the potential unleashed when VY takes the reigns of the 2009 Titans this Sunday.

halloween 2009

Welcome to Halloween 2009 :) No, I'm not planning on doing anything special this year. Sarah is out of town at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans, and unless I dig one of my old costumes out of the closet, I don't have anything to wear. Who knows, we'll see how the day turns out. Kylie will be putting her witch costume on again, and either going around locally or joining her cousins.

Today I'll be spending some time working on a project I need to finish for work. Hopefully that won't tie up too much of my day, and I can leave some to finish up after the game tomorrow if necessary.

Well, on with it... cya

Friday, October 30, 2009

welcome home

A quick welcome home, just got back from a weekend retreat to the great city of Las Vegas with a group of friends. That was one crazy weekend I don't think any of us will ever forget.

Back to reality, working hard trying to finish up some code changes and adapting myself to the new architecture of the project I'm working on. This product was pretty much a complete rewrite, using a custom window architecture based upon extjs, ajax calls to the orchestration layer, and soap/rest calls to the backend systems. Taking a bit of an adjustment to get caught up to speed as I had to jump into the deep end without any documentation on what they've done so far, and little to no documentation on what I needed to accomplish. Oh dear.

I got quite a bit done yesterday and today, making some good progress on getting the hang of how they want to do things. Should hopefully have these changes wrapped up after my girl goes to bed tonight, or possibly tomorrow if necessary.

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