Friday, September 14, 2007

caught in the act

I'm sure by now everyone that would care has heard all about how the Patriots got busted video taping the defensive signals used by an opposing team during a game. The NFL came down pretty heavy on them ($750k in fines and one or two draft picks depending on how well the Patriots finish up this year) but I'm a bit confused.

When the news first broke, I heard in conjunction with the claims of the confiscated camera and reported video taping that the NFL detected some "frequency irregularities" during the game. The NFL monitors frequency usage during the game to ensure everyone is playing fair in that respect, and there were apparently some issues.

When taking that into consideration.. by itself taping of the signals is not very useful in this game itself, although one could find it somewhat useful if orchistrated just perfectly for a halftime adjustment.. combined with illegal communications with the players on the field, there could be an incredible advantage gained.

Unfortunately in the past week with every sports show talking about it since, nobody has mentioned the frequency usage issues any further.

What happened to it? That's HUGE? Did it not happen? Was it misreported? Or was it played down by the NFL to punish the patriots in their own way while maintaining public image?

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