Sunday, May 06, 2007


Picked up a Xbox360 and HD-DVD addon a couple weeks ago, and let me just it is NICE. I can't really say how it compares to Blue-Ray (which comes with PS3), but from what I've read they are fairly comparable. It's a "war" going on right now between them, but much like DVD-R and DVD+R, I can't imagine either formatting "winning", they will just release combo drives (which a few manufacturers have already started to do).

For now, I wanted a solution to stream high def content over my network to my tv, which my old Xbox didn't have the horsepower to handle. Had to decide between the AppleTV and the X360. After some though, it seemed a no brainer when I could toss in $200 and have a HD-DVD drive to go with the X360, versus the AppleTV which would not have that option.

So now I have the X360, and in conjunction with Connect360 streams high def content from my mac upstairs, and when I really want to crank it up a notch I have a small collection of explosive HD-DVD titles and I crank up the sound a bit ;)

Anyhow, for those that haven't had a chance to check out HD-DVD or Blue-Ray yet, let me just say the picture quality is absolutely stunning. My TV is not 1080p, so I don't get the most fluid action motion and color depth that I could if I upgraded my TV, but at 1080i it still looks damn sweet.

Let me know if you want to check it out. I'll toss in Swordfish, Serenity or Batman Begins and blow you away. :)

If nothing else, it has gotten me excited to buy DVD's again. And around here, for anyone that is curious, nobody can compare to Hasting's selection for HD-DVD and Blue-Ray. Target comes in a distant second.. very distant. I imagine if I drive up to Best Buy in Antioch I'd find a pretty good spread, but why? Hastings is about 3 minutes including traffic for me. Can't beat that.

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