Wednesday, January 03, 2007


picked up excitetruck for the wii.. got it off ebay to save $10.. took a bit for it to come in, but man was it worth the wait. what a great game. it's just raw fun.

in the past few days of playing it, i've got most of the trucks unlocked, and i think all the levels unlocked... just started clearing the super excite difficulty level, but i don't think there are any more tracks it unlocks.. just the last couple trucks i think.

anyhow, anyone looking for a game you can sit down with people and just have a blast, this is currently at the top of my list. anyone that wants to play should first step through all the tutorial clips, as they really do help with learning, then go at it!

if you want to check it out before picking up a copy, give me a shout.

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