Wednesday, April 19, 2006

the end is here

today is a day of great celebration across the lands. thanks to the wonderful folks over at parallels i can finally rid myself of my dedicated windows machine.

the last couple obstacles remaining have been tackled thanks to the superb virtual environment i can now run windows xp in, on my intel mac mini. not only does it run the virtual machine nicely, but thanks to hardware virtualization support in the intel core duo processor, it runs at near native speed, so there is very little overhead to running both environments at once (and of course the 2gigs of ram doesn't hurt either ;) just sayin...)

this weekend i'll find some time and clean up my last data drive still remaining in that windows machine, and throw it into the ministack v2 enclosure i have sitting here waiting on it, and then i will be done with this machine. i'll clean it up and find it a new home. i don't want it anymore.

eat it! 200

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