Sunday, March 19, 2006

intel mini

Snagged a new [Intel Core Duo Mac Mini] that arrived on Friday, to use at home. Decided I wanted to get rid of my Windows machines entirely, with the possible exception of my laptop, but we'll see on that one. Fortunately, most all the apps I use on a daily basis have already gone to using [universal binaries] so I immediately noticed the speed difference between the new Intel mini and my older PowerPC mini. I'm still waiting on Firefox, Fink and flip4mac wmv to switch over and I'll be good to go. ;)

** UPDATE **

Looks like they have some test builds of Firefox using universal binaries and such available over [here]. Woohoo :)

And I got a new test build of [MacTel] friendly [DivX]. We'll see if that cleans up my DivX/XviD issues with Quicktime/Frontrow without needing flip4mac support. ;)

Closer and closer I say.. closer and closer. ;)

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