Thursday, March 30, 2006

what spinners?

A friend of mine sent me a link to this flash demo for a new product. Man spinners are so yesterday. This is the new hotness. Definitely gotta get some of these for the mini. How else am I gonna get my game on?


You know you want some! Only $12,500 for a set of 22's, or $19,500 for 26's :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

mini pics

Ok. I went back to the Mini dealership today and took some pics of the color I like. What ya think?

Do you like it? Do ya?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

mini me

I'm just saying, I love the color. This is the best image I could find. Test drove a 2006 mini cooper s today. It was awesome.

I'm gonna go and try to get some pics and test drive an automatic (with paddle shifters when you want to use them) tomorrow or Friday. Very nice. That's all I'm saying.

After that's decided on, we'll see where things go. What ya think?

On another note.... I love The IT Crowd, and of course Jen is my favorite ;) -- You know how it is... A great six episodes of hilarity. Go find a copy and watch it. It's awesome.

I'll post a link to download the episodes in the next day or three I think. Let me copy them up somewhere you can get to them.

Thank you, drive through please. ;)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Kong Baby!

An update was released for my [arcade] on Friday. They added a game called Pooyan, and a modification/hack someone made of Donkey Kong, "Donkey Kong Foundry".

The mod adds a new board called the foundry. Seems to have made a few other level tweaks as well to other boards, adding some difficulty to things. Quite an enjoyable addition to the arcade.

This is probably the best add-on game available since I originally got the arcade and loaded the initial list. Hats off to the author of the mod.

intel mini

Snagged a new [Intel Core Duo Mac Mini] that arrived on Friday, to use at home. Decided I wanted to get rid of my Windows machines entirely, with the possible exception of my laptop, but we'll see on that one. Fortunately, most all the apps I use on a daily basis have already gone to using [universal binaries] so I immediately noticed the speed difference between the new Intel mini and my older PowerPC mini. I'm still waiting on Firefox, Fink and flip4mac wmv to switch over and I'll be good to go. ;)

** UPDATE **

Looks like they have some test builds of Firefox using universal binaries and such available over [here]. Woohoo :)

And I got a new test build of [MacTel] friendly [DivX]. We'll see if that cleans up my DivX/XviD issues with Quicktime/Frontrow without needing flip4mac support. ;)

Closer and closer I say.. closer and closer. ;)

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