Monday, January 09, 2006

vince young a titan?

could it be possible? well, yes. it seems it could be possible. i could not believe it when he announced he's entering the draft instead of playing college ball for his senior year, but after looking at it, i can definitely see his position. after a game like he played at the rose bowl, what more is there to do? people have seen what he can do. time to do it.

houston has first pick, and it is almost a given they will take reggie bush, and new orleans gets second pick, this is where the certainty fades a little bit. they definitely should take a qb, since brooks kind of sucks. will they take matt leinart or vince young? hard to say. most people expect them to take leinart, leaving vince young for the titans to pick up.

it all boils down to what new orleans does, and whether the titans take a top notch pick, or do what they have done in past years and trade it away to get more lower ranked picks hoping to find a diamond in the rough.

who knows. we will see come april i guess.

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