Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ants baby!

look at my ants! they rule! keri hooked me up with the [AntWorks] tank from [ThinkGeek] for [Christmas].

had to order some ants to throw in there. yes, i ordered them. yes, i paid money for them. not a lot, but i did pay money for them. you try and find a good supply of ants in the middle of winter! it may be a mild winter, but those little bastards are still hiding somewhere! don't you judge me!

so anyhow, they came in over the weekend, so we threw them into the tank this morning. discarded the three that didn't survive the journey, and off we go.

according to the docs that came with the tank they should start tunneling pretty good in a day or so.

can't wait. if things go well, i'll order the LED base they offer for it. that will rule.

and now, for those with quicktime (or something else that will play them), here's a little video i took with my phone. [antclip1.3gp] enjoy!

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