Saturday, December 10, 2005

networking options

Powerline ethernet networking. What a great option. I've looked at it before, but never gave it too much credit, but saw some in Best Buy today and thought why not try it as a cleaner solution to my wireless link to the xbox downstairs.

What was wrong with the wireless solution? Nothing.. but using the bridged WRT54g units acted funny sometimes, and the biggest issue is the video streaming would chunk pretty often if I enable WPA security on my wireless network. Just too much to process for the little routers.

The solution? Plug a Netgear XE102 behind the tv and hook into a switch or into the xbox. Plug another Netgear XE102 in upstairs and into the router. Done. And that frees up my wireless connection to whatever security settings I want so my laptop can have a good connection.

I'm upset that I didn't try it before.. but in my own defense when I looked at it before I would have to wait for shipping and such since no local retail outlets carried any of the equipment.

Very nice indeed.

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