Monday, October 24, 2005

weekend update

relaxing weekend. went out for a nice dinner on friday with a couple friends, and planned to visit a couple haunted houses, but that did not pan out. we'll go another night. had a good time though.

saturday hopped on a bus from [ casino depot ] for $5, which took us up to [ metropolis ] where we had a great time... $5.. can't beat it. Bus trip up there, with a movie.. a free buffet is included, 4-5 hours in the casino, and then a bus trip back. we left at 11:30am and got back around 10pm. it was great, and we'll almost certainly go back at some point.

sunday i spent watching a bit of football (disappointing day for sure) and doing a few other things around the house, but nost much of anything.

...and now monday is here. bleck! ;)

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