Wednesday, October 19, 2005

picture day

it's picture day. :) kylie's first "school" (daycare) picture day.. and unfortunately we were out late last night, so it was pretty rough getting up early this morning to get that bath handled in time to get her all dolled up for the pics. we'll see how well they turn out.

aside from that, not much going on. new ipod should be here tomorrow, so i have my machine at home encoding all my videos to the right size and format to move over to the ipod. its gonna rock. :) definitely.

also checked out [ casino depot ] last night. got the link from sarah.. great stuff. $5 for trip up to metropolis with an in-bus movie each way, and five hours at the casino, complete with a buffet voucher. can't beat it.

oh.. i guess it has been a while since i posted, huh? well.. the quick and dirty catch up game.. i'm divorced now. (9/9 hearing, 10/9 final) :) and after getting divorced we went to tunica where i learned to play craps. great game. be careful though.. don't gamble with money you aren't prepared to lose. plenty of places to play online for free though. :) anyhow.. we are taking another tunica trip in a few weeks, and i'm pretty excited to go play some more craps, now that i have a better grasp on how to play. great times.

anyhow.. keep posted. i'll try to post more stuff as i can.

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