Tuesday, October 25, 2005

i did what? what proof?

headed out for some pizza and beer tonight after work. was fun while it lasted. :) but i did find a rather bothersome discovery tonight. we were sitting there, and when a group went out after work last week, someone took a pick of one of the girls at work and set it as the screensaver on my phone. ok, no biggie. i noticed at some point this week when i had the phone open (flip phone, and screensaver only shows up with the phone open) typing a text and stopped to talk to someone who walked up.. then went back to finish the message and there she was. :) no complaints ;) but apparently they did not stop there. i had not noticed until i was out this evening, but there was another pic.

[ *snip* *snip* decided not to share my dastardly deed *snip* *snip* ]

after that, not much going on. came home, helped kylie finish up her bath, and relaxed for a bit and played a few rounds of craps (won about $100 play money) before bloggin this and then (soon to be) heading off to bed.

maybe tomorrow will be a better day... although today was not entirely terrible. :)

oh, and congrats to cory on getting himself a bad ass powermac for work.. :)

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