Saturday, October 29, 2005

it's alive!

problem solved. moved the system over into a new case (long overdue), which subsequently replaces the power supply as well, and life is good again. I'm quite relieved that it was that simple to fix.

and no, i did not waste time moving the system into the new case to see if that fixed the problem or not.. i first just dangled the cables from the power supply in the new case, over into the old case and hooked it up for a quick test, and was quite pleased with the result.

now, let's see what's next on my list of crap that i've put off for far too long that need to get done at some point... hmm...

dead like me

no.. not the great tv show.. which showtime should really bring back by the way.. but much the same. my machine upstairs that i use to do my video encoding and such for the ipod video died the other day. not sure what the issue is, but my current hope is the power supply, which i have been suspect of for quite some time now.

going to swap it over into a new case later today and see if she powers up and smiles at me again.. i hope. :) don't need any more expenses right now.

i'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

i did what? what proof?

headed out for some pizza and beer tonight after work. was fun while it lasted. :) but i did find a rather bothersome discovery tonight. we were sitting there, and when a group went out after work last week, someone took a pick of one of the girls at work and set it as the screensaver on my phone. ok, no biggie. i noticed at some point this week when i had the phone open (flip phone, and screensaver only shows up with the phone open) typing a text and stopped to talk to someone who walked up.. then went back to finish the message and there she was. :) no complaints ;) but apparently they did not stop there. i had not noticed until i was out this evening, but there was another pic.

[ *snip* *snip* decided not to share my dastardly deed *snip* *snip* ]

after that, not much going on. came home, helped kylie finish up her bath, and relaxed for a bit and played a few rounds of craps (won about $100 play money) before bloggin this and then (soon to be) heading off to bed.

maybe tomorrow will be a better day... although today was not entirely terrible. :)

oh, and congrats to cory on getting himself a bad ass powermac for work.. :)

Monday, October 24, 2005

weekend update

relaxing weekend. went out for a nice dinner on friday with a couple friends, and planned to visit a couple haunted houses, but that did not pan out. we'll go another night. had a good time though.

saturday hopped on a bus from [ casino depot ] for $5, which took us up to [ metropolis ] where we had a great time... $5.. can't beat it. Bus trip up there, with a movie.. a free buffet is included, 4-5 hours in the casino, and then a bus trip back. we left at 11:30am and got back around 10pm. it was great, and we'll almost certainly go back at some point.

sunday i spent watching a bit of football (disappointing day for sure) and doing a few other things around the house, but nost much of anything.

...and now monday is here. bleck! ;)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

disturbing comic

wow.. just.. just.. wow... this is pretty messed up. thanks mav. (read from this one forward using the "next comic" link in the bottom right of the comic strip).

[ filthy lies ] (web comic)

enjoy.. or just cringe. whichever seems more appropriate.

picture day

it's picture day. :) kylie's first "school" (daycare) picture day.. and unfortunately we were out late last night, so it was pretty rough getting up early this morning to get that bath handled in time to get her all dolled up for the pics. we'll see how well they turn out.

aside from that, not much going on. new ipod should be here tomorrow, so i have my machine at home encoding all my videos to the right size and format to move over to the ipod. its gonna rock. :) definitely.

also checked out [ casino depot ] last night. got the link from sarah.. great stuff. $5 for trip up to metropolis with an in-bus movie each way, and five hours at the casino, complete with a buffet voucher. can't beat it.

oh.. i guess it has been a while since i posted, huh? well.. the quick and dirty catch up game.. i'm divorced now. (9/9 hearing, 10/9 final) :) and after getting divorced we went to tunica where i learned to play craps. great game. be careful though.. don't gamble with money you aren't prepared to lose. plenty of places to play online for free though. :) anyhow.. we are taking another tunica trip in a few weeks, and i'm pretty excited to go play some more craps, now that i have a better grasp on how to play. great times.

anyhow.. keep posted. i'll try to post more stuff as i can.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


has it really been that long? my last post in july? just.. damn... yeah, well.. you won't get anything good today. go away. :) ok.. ok.. just check back. we'll see.

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