Saturday, June 18, 2005

old school

have you seen [ old school ] ?

near the beginning of that movie, there is a wedding reception and there is a band playing a cover to total eclipse of the heart. oh. my. gawd. ;) i love it. basically they take the nice girlie song and do a great job of covering it, and add in some unexpected profanity. the look on the wedding guests faces is absolutely priceless.

anyhow, i found out the band is [ the dan band ] and ordered their new live cd. it has a live version of that cover, as well as the [ studio version ] that was used in the movie it's great. highly recommended, and only $10 including free shipping.

very nice. ;) or you can just go to their web site and you can watch the video of that scene from the movie. it's just great. go there. now. :)

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