Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the l word

i have started to watch a new tv series that showtime airs, the l word. i started watching them at the recommendation of will and lisa. there are currently two seasons, each with thirteen episodes. I am just about finished with the first season, and it's just great. :)

i first caught one of the newer episodes from the second season, and it was ok but i got a pretty uncomfortable feeling from one of the characters. just weirded me out a bit. i can now say that after going back and watching season 1 and becoming more comfortable with the lifestyle (both the fem and the butch) i was more open minded and accepting when i again encountered that same character, and it didn't bother me one little bit. i did not even think about it at the time.. it was not until later that i recalled the difference in my perspective before and after having been slowly introduced into that world.

just thought it was interesting.. anyhow, give the show a shot. season 1 is out on dvd now, season 2 is coming soon to dvd (taking pre-orders right now.. season just finished a week or so ago).. but you can find all the episodes in the usual places if you want to look for them.

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