Saturday, June 18, 2005

old school

have you seen [ old school ] ?

near the beginning of that movie, there is a wedding reception and there is a band playing a cover to total eclipse of the heart. oh. my. gawd. ;) i love it. basically they take the nice girlie song and do a great job of covering it, and add in some unexpected profanity. the look on the wedding guests faces is absolutely priceless.

anyhow, i found out the band is [ the dan band ] and ordered their new live cd. it has a live version of that cover, as well as the [ studio version ] that was used in the movie it's great. highly recommended, and only $10 including free shipping.

very nice. ;) or you can just go to their web site and you can watch the video of that scene from the movie. it's just great. go there. now. :)


as part of my weekend to relax, we went out to get some dinner and then headed to see the new [ batman ] movie. it was quite good i thought, as did everyone that was with us.

the only parts of the movie i did not like, were of no fault of the movie. at three different points in the movie the movie just stopped and the lights came on. each time it took a few minutes to get it going again and of course it skipped a little bit with each time. 'twas quite frustrating.

other than that, i definitely enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

auction closed

woohoo! ;)

Pac-Man Fuzzy Dice

I won my auction.. woohoo :) Now just to wait for shipping...

Monday, June 06, 2005


and so begins another week. lets see how this one goes...

Saturday, June 04, 2005

time to relax

well, it's been a wonderful week.5 with my baby girl, but i'll say that this weekend has been a much needed break. ;)

unfortunately still haven't recovered from lunch on friday.. but i'll live. ;)

lots more work to do... getting back to it.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

pac attack!

just when my day was not going that well, all of a sudden out of nowhere, i find what i have been looking for. woohoo. got my bid in, waiting to see if i win it or not. woohoo ;)

and it only took a little over a month of checking every single day for a pair to pop up for auction...

don't even think about bidding against me!

season 1 complete

watched the final episode of season 1 of the L word last night. quite emotional. what a great show. i highly recommend it. can't wait to find the time to start season 2.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

the l word

i have started to watch a new tv series that showtime airs, the l word. i started watching them at the recommendation of will and lisa. there are currently two seasons, each with thirteen episodes. I am just about finished with the first season, and it's just great. :)

i first caught one of the newer episodes from the second season, and it was ok but i got a pretty uncomfortable feeling from one of the characters. just weirded me out a bit. i can now say that after going back and watching season 1 and becoming more comfortable with the lifestyle (both the fem and the butch) i was more open minded and accepting when i again encountered that same character, and it didn't bother me one little bit. i did not even think about it at the time.. it was not until later that i recalled the difference in my perspective before and after having been slowly introduced into that world.

just thought it was interesting.. anyhow, give the show a shot. season 1 is out on dvd now, season 2 is coming soon to dvd (taking pre-orders right now.. season just finished a week or so ago).. but you can find all the episodes in the usual places if you want to look for them.

changes in life

well, over the past week many changes have come info affect in my life. those that are closest to me already know these things, but others will learn in time. regardless, things are going well and i just wanted to post an update as such.

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