Monday, March 21, 2005

weekend update

And here is another episode of Weekend Update. No, no the Weekend Update you have come to love on SNL, but instead a pathetically weak version of just what the hell happened to me, for those that care.

kylie j.

I spent the weekend with Kylie, which is ALWAYS fun.


Squeezed in a couple late night Warcraft sessions while Kylie was asleep. I am now lvl 33, Akaya is lvl 32. We have just started questing in a new area that should take us up to the high 30's, or maybe even all the way to 40. No rush to move on until we pretty much clear out the area. We've also made good progress in building up our gold for when we do in fact hit 40, so we can get our tigers that you get to ride (referred to as our "mount").


There still is no football on. Stop asking. ;) There was a bunch of basketball on, which I watched absolutely *none* of, but I did manage to hit last place in the office tournament bracket. Gotta love it.

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