Monday, March 14, 2005

relaxing weekend

a nice relaxing weekend.. no real complaints here.

the rundown.

went out and had a good time with some friends on friday. played a little warcraft on saturday. spent some time with kylie saturday night. played a little warcraft on sunday. went to buffalo's for a bit and heard about sherri's trip to new orleans. played a little more warcraft. went to sleep. :)

warcraft elaboration.

as far as warcraft, spent the weekend boosting my fishing skills (close to 190 now) and my leatherworking (close to 180), and knocked out stockades and gnomeregan. planning to knock out blackfathom deeps tonight. should level up to 31 at some point tonight.


also gotta spend some time to invoice my work tonight, and some night this week i *have* to get my taxes ready and see how that's going to look. if i have to pay, then i'll wait an file on april 14th. :) but if i get money back, then i'd like to get that handled pretty quick.


one of my spleck customers has asked me if i would consider a downsizing rather than a complete close of business. consider keeping a few preferred customers, if they are willing to pay a higher price. change the current structure from bargain priced, to try to make it more worthwhile. i've been looking at it, but unfortunately even though it was bargain priced, those little 1MB sites with 12 hits a month that fork over $4/month were really the cash cows of the business. you could host TONS of those little sites on the box without any real additional load. taking those away means i would have to substantially raise the price to even cover my server costs.

i could try to restructure a bit instead of closing the doors and try to optimize the way accounts are handled such that those little accounts take up even less server resources, but the bottom line is it takes time to handle all of that. for me, time is better spent in one of three ways. a) hanging out with kylie. b) working at my job where i make a lot more money. c) entertainment, either with friends or on warcraft. without this i would go insane with everythign else that is going on. anyhow, i'm not certain yet but i'll likely turn that down.


relax. warcraft. invoice. taxes. spleck.

thank you, drive through please...

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