Friday, March 11, 2005

general update

my posts have slowed a bit. not real sure why. just havent had much to say i guess.

im sitting pretty idle at lvl 29 in warcraft and have had mixed moods on playing lately. some days i want to play. other days its just blah. this seems to be dependant on 1) how tired i seem to be and 2) the amount of frustration built up from trying to log in for any reasonable amount of time without a server crash that day. :)

ive officially sent out emails to all the customes in my billing database about closing up spleck. end of business is april 9th, although i have not collected any payments in a while, so officially i wont have taxes or anything come next quarter at all.

other than that not much to say i guess. lots of crap going on in my head lately i guess. dunno what that is worth but i cant really dive into any of that cuz too many people read this page that dont need to hear my inner thoughts. :) sorry. eat more chiken.

all i know is things need to be different. im not sure how just yet. but they will be.

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