Monday, March 21, 2005

could they suck more?

Apparently, yes.. they can.

You gotta love it when you find out something that you know will just mess up your ENTIRE WEEK. It's a really long story that I won't go all the way through, but let's just make it short and say that I found out today that in addition to the ways the Computer Cafe have already screwed me in the past, they also cost me around $10,000 in hospital bills. Rather unfortuantely I do not believe I have the ability to go back and try to get reimbursed for any of that. Gotta love it.

Not everything about today has sucked though. I logged in this morning to AIM and was sent a message by [ cory ] that he had some sneak peek passes for me to go see [ Sandra ]. Woo hoo ;) Thanks Cory!

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