Thursday, March 17, 2005


i got into a discussion today with someone i consider to be a close friend about the celebration of st. patricks day, and holidays in general. it went on quite a while, longer than it really needed to i guess, about whether or not people should be considered shallow as a result of the fact they choose to go out and have a beer to "celebrate", without knowledge of the true meaning of the celebration.

to me, yes.. on a very basic level i will acknowledge that is can be considered shallow, but on another level i just see this as a global celebration that is intended to be enjoyed with or without knowledge of the background of the holiday/celebration. is it better to have that knowledge and celebrate with true enthusiam for the cause, sure... most certainly... but should someone be judged for taking part without that background?

in my eyes i see celebrations growing to this magnitude as a side effect of people's desire to encourage the spread of knowledge of the original cause for the holiday/celebration, but with all intentions of people joining in without that knowledge, hoping it would motivate, at some point, those people into learning more about it.

if the original intentions of the celebrations were different, then i might have a different standing on the matter, but i don't believe that they were.

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