Thursday, March 31, 2005

the sun! finally!

I just want to take a moment to say JUST DAMN. The past week has been absolutely wonderful in regards to the weather we have experienced. I'm sure this will all change in the very near future to some horrible period of rain and cold, but for now... WOW. Get outside and enjoy it while you can! :)

Monday, March 28, 2005

getting close

hit level 36 this weekend, and snagged up a [ hypnotic blade ]. yummy. :) hopefully i will hit 40 before the end of next weekend.

had a very relaxing weekend, spending part of saturday night and sunday morning and dinner sunday night with my main girl, kylie j. ;) sadly, i'm not sure which she got more exicted about.. the easter bunny, or the hibachi grill. heh. that's my girl!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

almost half

its been a long week so far. not really sure why, but it really has. fortunately, we are about halfway through. just gotta keep going, and we'll get through it. promise. ;)

i think im going to just stay home and chill and go to bed early tonight. tired as hell.

sounds like fun huh? i know.. i know.. not everyone can live the wild and crazy livelihood of kevin smith. some people just can't hang.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Monday, March 21, 2005

sandra sandra sandra

Well, we went up to Opry Mills for the sneak peak tonight.. but did not get there in time to get tickets. :(

No Sandra for us tonight. Instead we went ahead and saw a movie anyway, and saw Hostage. Overall the movie was enjoyable all the way through, and I have very little bad to say about it, other than the fact it was pretty dark. Usually, I'm OK with that. Unfortunately when you put yourself in the mood to go see a Sandra movie, that's not the same mood one can really enjoy a dark movie in. ;) You do the math.

It does not matter. We still had a good time out, and I will just have to wait for this weekend to go see the movie. :) I encourage you to do the same.

could they suck more?

Apparently, yes.. they can.

You gotta love it when you find out something that you know will just mess up your ENTIRE WEEK. It's a really long story that I won't go all the way through, but let's just make it short and say that I found out today that in addition to the ways the Computer Cafe have already screwed me in the past, they also cost me around $10,000 in hospital bills. Rather unfortuantely I do not believe I have the ability to go back and try to get reimbursed for any of that. Gotta love it.

Not everything about today has sucked though. I logged in this morning to AIM and was sent a message by [ cory ] that he had some sneak peek passes for me to go see [ Sandra ]. Woo hoo ;) Thanks Cory!

weekend update

And here is another episode of Weekend Update. No, no the Weekend Update you have come to love on SNL, but instead a pathetically weak version of just what the hell happened to me, for those that care.

kylie j.

I spent the weekend with Kylie, which is ALWAYS fun.


Squeezed in a couple late night Warcraft sessions while Kylie was asleep. I am now lvl 33, Akaya is lvl 32. We have just started questing in a new area that should take us up to the high 30's, or maybe even all the way to 40. No rush to move on until we pretty much clear out the area. We've also made good progress in building up our gold for when we do in fact hit 40, so we can get our tigers that you get to ride (referred to as our "mount").


There still is no football on. Stop asking. ;) There was a bunch of basketball on, which I watched absolutely *none* of, but I did manage to hit last place in the office tournament bracket. Gotta love it.

Friday, March 18, 2005

being oblivious

ever been in one of those situations where someone is just so full of themselves (which is pretty much constant with the specific person i'm referring to) they are oblivious to the fact that everyone around them is laughing at them... blatently. it's sad. really sad. but that happened today. and i enjoyed every minute of it. only because it was well deserved. and i'll leave it at that. ;)

Thursday, March 17, 2005


i got into a discussion today with someone i consider to be a close friend about the celebration of st. patricks day, and holidays in general. it went on quite a while, longer than it really needed to i guess, about whether or not people should be considered shallow as a result of the fact they choose to go out and have a beer to "celebrate", without knowledge of the true meaning of the celebration.

to me, yes.. on a very basic level i will acknowledge that is can be considered shallow, but on another level i just see this as a global celebration that is intended to be enjoyed with or without knowledge of the background of the holiday/celebration. is it better to have that knowledge and celebrate with true enthusiam for the cause, sure... most certainly... but should someone be judged for taking part without that background?

in my eyes i see celebrations growing to this magnitude as a side effect of people's desire to encourage the spread of knowledge of the original cause for the holiday/celebration, but with all intentions of people joining in without that knowledge, hoping it would motivate, at some point, those people into learning more about it.

if the original intentions of the celebrations were different, then i might have a different standing on the matter, but i don't believe that they were.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

the deeps

Much like the previous night, we had a couple server hiccups that delayed the start of our quest into the instance we were wanting to go through, but once we got in, we marched through Blackfathom Deeps and kicked it's butt. ;) And this time we didn't have our high level mage and warlock with us. Just other people our level. Still, had a great time going through it and it was fun. Moving on to Duskwood now and see what trouble we can get into down there...

oh, and congrats to sherri (blue akaya) who hit level 30 and got her cheetah shapeshifting form. :)

Monday, March 14, 2005

relaxing weekend

a nice relaxing weekend.. no real complaints here.

the rundown.

went out and had a good time with some friends on friday. played a little warcraft on saturday. spent some time with kylie saturday night. played a little warcraft on sunday. went to buffalo's for a bit and heard about sherri's trip to new orleans. played a little more warcraft. went to sleep. :)

warcraft elaboration.

as far as warcraft, spent the weekend boosting my fishing skills (close to 190 now) and my leatherworking (close to 180), and knocked out stockades and gnomeregan. planning to knock out blackfathom deeps tonight. should level up to 31 at some point tonight.


also gotta spend some time to invoice my work tonight, and some night this week i *have* to get my taxes ready and see how that's going to look. if i have to pay, then i'll wait an file on april 14th. :) but if i get money back, then i'd like to get that handled pretty quick.


one of my spleck customers has asked me if i would consider a downsizing rather than a complete close of business. consider keeping a few preferred customers, if they are willing to pay a higher price. change the current structure from bargain priced, to try to make it more worthwhile. i've been looking at it, but unfortunately even though it was bargain priced, those little 1MB sites with 12 hits a month that fork over $4/month were really the cash cows of the business. you could host TONS of those little sites on the box without any real additional load. taking those away means i would have to substantially raise the price to even cover my server costs.

i could try to restructure a bit instead of closing the doors and try to optimize the way accounts are handled such that those little accounts take up even less server resources, but the bottom line is it takes time to handle all of that. for me, time is better spent in one of three ways. a) hanging out with kylie. b) working at my job where i make a lot more money. c) entertainment, either with friends or on warcraft. without this i would go insane with everythign else that is going on. anyhow, i'm not certain yet but i'll likely turn that down.


relax. warcraft. invoice. taxes. spleck.

thank you, drive through please...

Friday, March 11, 2005

general update

my posts have slowed a bit. not real sure why. just havent had much to say i guess.

im sitting pretty idle at lvl 29 in warcraft and have had mixed moods on playing lately. some days i want to play. other days its just blah. this seems to be dependant on 1) how tired i seem to be and 2) the amount of frustration built up from trying to log in for any reasonable amount of time without a server crash that day. :)

ive officially sent out emails to all the customes in my billing database about closing up spleck. end of business is april 9th, although i have not collected any payments in a while, so officially i wont have taxes or anything come next quarter at all.

other than that not much to say i guess. lots of crap going on in my head lately i guess. dunno what that is worth but i cant really dive into any of that cuz too many people read this page that dont need to hear my inner thoughts. :) sorry. eat more chiken.

all i know is things need to be different. im not sure how just yet. but they will be.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

the wait is over

the wait is finally over. it only took a week...

Thank you for taking the time to contact us via the in-game petition system. We appreciate your feedback and apologize for being unable to address your issue while you were still online. Unfortunately, we were unable to provide the restoration you requested. We have investigated your case, and could not verify the loss. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have been caused.

...too bad the news wasn't what i was hoping for. blah.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

snow days

mmm... snow. and to think, we just finished a wonderful sunny weeekend, and now... snow. wtf? no complaints, other than the havok this is playing on my sinus problems... but still... wtf?

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