Wednesday, February 23, 2005

staying busy

well, ive been staying pretty busy as of late.. with various thing. primary, as you could have guessed, its been warcraft. ;) fun little addiction i tell ya. still nothing compared to some others, but got leveled up to 22 in the short time that played last night.

outside of that, i have been busy with work. maverick got married (congrats!) so he is out for a couple of weeks, which puts a lot of things on my plate to handle while he is gone. timing could not be worse with some new stuff that was scheduled for release. anyhow, we had quite a few issues with the release over the weekend, but i got it all cleared up. eventually. ;)

ive also had quite a bit going on with my hosting business, [spleck hosting solutions]. for those that do not know, i'm shutting the business down. unfortunately i just do not have time to dedicate to paying customers to ensure that their servers are staying up and dealing with little issues with customers and all that.. it just is not worthwhile for me, or the customers. with a lot of time and dedication i think the hosting business has the potential to be a real money maker, but unfortuantely that same time put forth until the work i'm doing now (and loving) pays off now.. not later. you do the math. ;) so lots of time being spent preparing servers and stuff to help get people migrated elsewhere. full customer notification coming in the next week probably. then they'll have until the end of march to move elsewhere before sites become unresponsive. any customers that have pre-paid will still be getting services through the end of their payment period.

add in some really good kylie time, and there just is not a lot left to go around. we are trying to squeeze in some time to watch smallville, lost, and joey.. the three tv shows that i keep up with.

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