Friday, February 11, 2005


well, just from watching me play [WoW] sherri has become infected. ;) we got her all setup to play on her computer yesterday and setup the free 10-day trial while we acquire a copy of the game for her. unfortunately by the point we finally finished the install, the download of the update, and the install of the update, it was getting close to midnight and we both had to work this morning. she got up this morning and before work went ahead and leveled up a couple times to make her a level 3 night elf druid. [BlueAkaya] on Blackhand. (profile should be up soon) ;)

too funny i tell ya.

(and for anyone interested, my profile finally updated on thottbot, [BlueAura]. for whatever reason i had to set it to anonymous because it would not accept my username and password. that's dumb. i know, i'm still just level 11.. but haven't played much in the past couple days for various reasons, but i'll have more of a chance over the weekend so we'll see what level i can get to.)

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