Monday, February 07, 2005


so, i have a confession. are you ready for this? i broke down and actually played a [mmorpg] the other night, and i really enjoyed it. i am currently using a ten day trial account, but i've officially ordered a copy of [world of warcraft] off ebay and i'm waiting for it to arrive. ;) fortunately, i still have my trial account so it's not a "sit and twidle" kind of wait.. but instead it's a "fulfill a few more quests and kill some monsters" kind of wait... ;)

my character is [blueaura] (no profile uploaded, not sure why... but it'll be there soon when cosmos actually does the upload and then the link will work) on the blackhand server. currently a level 8 nightelf rogue. msg me sometime if you play. ;)

oh.. and i watch [smallville]. and love it. s'there! i don't have to hide anymore! ; )

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