Monday, February 28, 2005

some people

wtf is wrong with some people? they have life so good, but constantly bitch about their life, while making sure to tell you just how much better they are than everywhere else. this might make some sense if the person was justified and just egotistical.. but no. he's an idiot. deep down, probably a nice guy.. or could be. but he refuses to be. instead, you get what he is. and as much as he loves to kiss ass, very few people tolerate it. add one more to that list. enough said.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

staying busy

well, ive been staying pretty busy as of late.. with various thing. primary, as you could have guessed, its been warcraft. ;) fun little addiction i tell ya. still nothing compared to some others, but got leveled up to 22 in the short time that played last night.

outside of that, i have been busy with work. maverick got married (congrats!) so he is out for a couple of weeks, which puts a lot of things on my plate to handle while he is gone. timing could not be worse with some new stuff that was scheduled for release. anyhow, we had quite a few issues with the release over the weekend, but i got it all cleared up. eventually. ;)

ive also had quite a bit going on with my hosting business, [spleck hosting solutions]. for those that do not know, i'm shutting the business down. unfortunately i just do not have time to dedicate to paying customers to ensure that their servers are staying up and dealing with little issues with customers and all that.. it just is not worthwhile for me, or the customers. with a lot of time and dedication i think the hosting business has the potential to be a real money maker, but unfortuantely that same time put forth until the work i'm doing now (and loving) pays off now.. not later. you do the math. ;) so lots of time being spent preparing servers and stuff to help get people migrated elsewhere. full customer notification coming in the next week probably. then they'll have until the end of march to move elsewhere before sites become unresponsive. any customers that have pre-paid will still be getting services through the end of their payment period.

add in some really good kylie time, and there just is not a lot left to go around. we are trying to squeeze in some time to watch smallville, lost, and joey.. the three tv shows that i keep up with.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


...and you know it's an addition (read as "a problem") when you start reassociating common words in day to day conversations with their in-game context as a first step, then move back into reality...

level 18 if you care ;)

Monday, February 14, 2005


what a weekend. man. this weekend was pretty much 100% dedicated to that damn game. me and sherri both played and played and played, breaking only for food until sunday afternoon when i stopped playing to do some other stuff. great game. if you don't already, you should play. :)

currently level 15 night elf rogue.

also spent some time to customize my ui a bit. took cosmos into 'thottbot only' mode and added in the modules i wanted explicitly. i must after spending that time to move it all around and make it the way i wanted, im not that much better off than just using cosmos. ;) although i do like quest monkey and quest history a lot, and i started getting max cpu time warnings from WoW when i had them running along with the full cosmos install, so this is probably better. :)

Friday, February 11, 2005


well, just from watching me play [WoW] sherri has become infected. ;) we got her all setup to play on her computer yesterday and setup the free 10-day trial while we acquire a copy of the game for her. unfortunately by the point we finally finished the install, the download of the update, and the install of the update, it was getting close to midnight and we both had to work this morning. she got up this morning and before work went ahead and leveled up a couple times to make her a level 3 night elf druid. [BlueAkaya] on Blackhand. (profile should be up soon) ;)

too funny i tell ya.

(and for anyone interested, my profile finally updated on thottbot, [BlueAura]. for whatever reason i had to set it to anonymous because it would not accept my username and password. that's dumb. i know, i'm still just level 11.. but haven't played much in the past couple days for various reasons, but i'll have more of a chance over the weekend so we'll see what level i can get to.)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

fat tuesday

ok girls.. it's fat tuesday.. i got some beads.. let's drink some beers ;)

seriously.. it is tuesday at least.. so wild wings here we come!

see you there...

Monday, February 07, 2005


so, i have a confession. are you ready for this? i broke down and actually played a [mmorpg] the other night, and i really enjoyed it. i am currently using a ten day trial account, but i've officially ordered a copy of [world of warcraft] off ebay and i'm waiting for it to arrive. ;) fortunately, i still have my trial account so it's not a "sit and twidle" kind of wait.. but instead it's a "fulfill a few more quests and kill some monsters" kind of wait... ;)

my character is [blueaura] (no profile uploaded, not sure why... but it'll be there soon when cosmos actually does the upload and then the link will work) on the blackhand server. currently a level 8 nightelf rogue. msg me sometime if you play. ;)

oh.. and i watch [smallville]. and love it. s'there! i don't have to hide anymore! ; )

Saturday, February 05, 2005


anyone interested in watching the super bowl at my place, just give me a shout. having a few friends over to watch it on the big screen. food and drinks (including beer) will be available. bring anything else you want.

game starts at 5:30. come over whenever you want.

kylie will be here until around 5, so if you haven't seen her in a while and you want to, you know when to show up. :)

see ya.

Friday, February 04, 2005

society has failed us

what the hell is wrong with this world where something like this could happen? [click]

Thursday, February 03, 2005

who knows?

...and just in case you missed it... chloe knows. s'there!


im not sure what i did, but apparently gmail likes me. before i had 5 or 6 invites in my accounts, but out of nowhere in one of my accounts i now have 50 invites. seriously. if you want one. just ask. i dont even know 50 people, much less 50 people i havent already given an invite to. :)


life is good ;)

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