Monday, January 24, 2005

good news?


well, those of you who have talked to me recently know that from time to time i have a problem with my cellphone. just got a sony ericcson t610 recently so i could have a bluetooth connection for the pda, but unfortunately at my house and a few other places the reception is bad.

fortunately, i now know why. this phone is not a cingular phone, it's tmobile phone. it really should not matter since its a gsm phone, you just swap out the sim card. heres what does matter. there are two seperate groups of frequencies used by gsm carries. tmobile and cingular are actually using different frequency sets. as a result, this phone does not support the 900mhz connection and cingular does. that means all other phones that are designed with the 900mhz support will work at my house. this one will not.

i talked with the guy from ebay that i bought the phone from, and sells the exact same phone but with the proper support for cingulars frequencies, labeled the t616. hes going to just swap it out for me for no charge.

happy happy joy joy. ;)

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