Wednesday, January 26, 2005

coral cdn

well, this is neat. for those of you with sites with tons of big videos or images, this might help to keep your bandwidth usage down (if its an issue with your provider)...

[ coral cdn ]

basically its like akamai.. only free. a set of distributed servers that provide a cache of images, videos, etc... any files you want. this ensures that you only have to serve out a single copy of the file. even if your site goes down, i believe the cache servers will still serve the files until such a time that there are not really any requests for the files for a while and the content gets purged. im not sure how long this time period is, but im sure its based on how much space the cache servers have, with the oldest/least requested content being purged first. once it is gone from all the cache servers, then it would be gone and they would need to request from the source server again, but as long as at least one server has it cached, it should not go back to the source server again.

very nice.

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