Monday, January 31, 2005

are they worth it?

cats.. are they really worth it?

so ive got this cat, buster. hes real cute. a little bit of a drooling problem, but overall a good cat. for the past couple months ive had to chace him down from the top of my satellite receiver. it emits a lot of heat, so i guess he likes the warmth. whatev, the point is he is not supposed to be up there.

this afternoon my roommate tells me he went into the living room to find the satellite receiver knocked to the ground, and a nice pile of cat vomit on the audio receiver and more on the floor.

wtf. im really starting to question whether they are worth it. seriously. just damn.


terribly disturbing if you ask me... [read this article]. i dont even know what else to say about this. just damn.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

portable video

oh, im indeed a happy kevin. ;) [ PocketDivX Player ]. combine this with a 1 gig flash card and you can get a movie or several tv episodes to travel with. very nice :) ill try to load this to the pocket pc tonight and see how well it works out. could actually get 5-6 episodes of [joey ] or 2-3 episodes of [ lost ] on there ;)

coral cdn

well, this is neat. for those of you with sites with tons of big videos or images, this might help to keep your bandwidth usage down (if its an issue with your provider)...

[ coral cdn ]

basically its like akamai.. only free. a set of distributed servers that provide a cache of images, videos, etc... any files you want. this ensures that you only have to serve out a single copy of the file. even if your site goes down, i believe the cache servers will still serve the files until such a time that there are not really any requests for the files for a while and the content gets purged. im not sure how long this time period is, but im sure its based on how much space the cache servers have, with the oldest/least requested content being purged first. once it is gone from all the cache servers, then it would be gone and they would need to request from the source server again, but as long as at least one server has it cached, it should not go back to the source server again.

very nice.

Monday, January 24, 2005

good news?


well, those of you who have talked to me recently know that from time to time i have a problem with my cellphone. just got a sony ericcson t610 recently so i could have a bluetooth connection for the pda, but unfortunately at my house and a few other places the reception is bad.

fortunately, i now know why. this phone is not a cingular phone, it's tmobile phone. it really should not matter since its a gsm phone, you just swap out the sim card. heres what does matter. there are two seperate groups of frequencies used by gsm carries. tmobile and cingular are actually using different frequency sets. as a result, this phone does not support the 900mhz connection and cingular does. that means all other phones that are designed with the 900mhz support will work at my house. this one will not.

i talked with the guy from ebay that i bought the phone from, and sells the exact same phone but with the proper support for cingulars frequencies, labeled the t616. hes going to just swap it out for me for no charge.

happy happy joy joy. ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

little ittle bitty

Mac Mini

oh my goodness. is this not the most precious little thing you've ever seen? ok, well, other than kylie? i think i want one. your thoughts? [ more info ]

Saturday, January 15, 2005



went with some friends to see [ Elektra ] last night. overall, i thought it was a great movie. not everyone will like it of course, but it fits a genre, and if you are into that genre then you should like the movie. i was quite pleased.

*** disclaimer ***

my opinion was of course influenced by the fact that [ jennifer garner ] is [ very hot ] in that little red outfit.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

another birthday

In other news, a day after the notorious Sandman became one of the elderly, Miller reached another anniversary date in the mortal aging process...

...oh, and eat more chiken.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Sandman!

Just a quick shout out to wish Sandman a Happy Birthday! :) *cough*he's 30!!!*cough*

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

webcam fun

found [ this ] in a comment somewhere on slashdot.. had to mirror it.. too funny. watch it and enjoy!

Friday, January 07, 2005

invasion time

Looks like the time has come folks!

We start with [ this ].

Add in 10-20 of our friends, all dressed up to impersonate [ Ben Matlock ], posing as the Matlock Fan Club or something.

That's right. You heard it hear first.

Matlock INVADES Mayberry!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

one more thing...

[ this ] picture kicks ass :)

note -- although this picture is safe for viewing at work, the domain listed in the image is not. they have all kinds of stuff on there, so if you are at work, hold off your curiosity until you get home.. unless you have root access to the firewall box and can purge the proxy logs ;)

oh... dear... gawd!

does anyone else think [ THIS ] is just sad? i can understand that you have a deep level of interest, but there are limits before its just CRAZY. at this point the theatre should have him escorted off the property. period.

disturbing reading

details on the michael jackson case have been summarized in this article. quite a disturbing read, whether or not the allegations are true. someone (either jackson or the boys' mother putting them up to this) has some serious issues...

click here to read

whatever the truth is, hopefully it will be determined at the trial.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

tshirt links

came across a new t-shirt today that i thought was great. all the hotties want one. ;)

Note -- some sites on this list are not appropriate for viewing at your workplace, and may offend you. get over it.

check it out if you want.

i decided to put a link to all the messed up t-shirt sites out there... this is of course not comprehensive, but a few of my favorites.

Think Geek
T-Shirt Hell
Deez Teez
Ruthless Gear
Politically Incorrect Wear

I know there are tons more, but I can't remember any more of them right now... hope you enjoy browsing these as much as i do.

more weather coming?

ok. first the arctic blast hits around christmas. then the earthquake, leading to the tsunami. now THIS. i mean, it was just a movie right? ;)


this seems to not have unfolded the way they were predicting. maybe we will live through it. ;) shocker! the weather forcasters were wrong? who would have expected it... hmmm...

orange bowl

well, we were hoping for a great night with some intense football. what we got was a slaughter. im not much of a college football fan, so i just picked oklahoma for no real reason. bad choice. ;) they were completely outmatched by the dominance of usc. i dont know if it was ok just not showing up to play in a game they really should have contended in, or if usc was just flat out that much better than ok. either way. 55-19. devastated.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

its tuesday!

once again, its that day of week we have come to love where wings are 35 cents and the beer is plentiful. add to this the orange bowl and you have a good night ahead. ;) come one, come all. the usual spot down in the boro.

Monday, January 03, 2005


sandra bullock is just an absolutely amazing person. enough said. she was so great before, but after THIS. just damn. just. just damn. speechless.


(click image for more pics)

star wars pics

for those interested, some pics from episode 3 have been posted.. very nice :)

original site is now gone.. along with the mirror i was linking to for a while. if you want to see them, you'll have to use google and see what you can find.


although it does suck that the rest of the week will be rainy, how wonderful is it that the temperature is in the 60-70 range? man its nice outside! again, aside from the occasional shower.

it is strange to have this weather in january, but still. im not complaining. it probably would not have been snowing anyway, and thats the only excuse for it to be cold.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


how do you know when a girl is interested? as many of you know, i have had problems in the past recognizing the difference between someone being nice, open to friendship, and someone that might be interested. unfortunately i've had such little experience with dealing with women, that the slightest kindness can be easily misinterpreted.

unfortunately this has caused somewhat of a barrier in at least one of my friendships that i cannot seem to get past. i do not want to see that happen again.

i keep getting signals, and to me they seem obvious what they are pointing to. but how do i know? i do not want to screw this up again. :( how do you know? anyone?

movie reviews

a few movie reviews.. very brief reviews.. just so you know as far as im concerned. ;)

donnie darko -- great movie. not for everyone, but if you like movies that make you think..

oceans 12 -- good movie. i don't think it was as good as oceans 11, but it's still good. kind of predictable at points, but overall good.

meet the fockers -- great movie. very funny sequal i recommend to everyone except robert. ;) if you enjoyed the first movie, you'll enjoy this one.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

two thousand five

happy new year! hope everyone had safe and enjoyable festivities last night and made it ok to 2005. maybe with the start of a new year, with your resolutions in place, maybe this can be the year that makes it all worthwhile. ;) who knows.

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