Wednesday, December 29, 2004

java? really?

do you ever just sit back and wonder what the hell people are thinking when they try to use java in situations where it just is not needed? i personally have very little interest in ever working with java again, however i do understand that there are environments and purposes that it fits well (and those environments generally do not suit me well... we dont play nicely together), and more power to them. unfortunately 95% of the java used in this world is completely unjustified, and it is a horrible thing to see. everything is overcomplicated, bloated and slow. yes, the other 5% kicks ass. well written. well designed. and its used in an environment where it is called for. but thats not the norm.

fortunately i live in a world where there are companies that been shown the magical powers that be with the wonderful language of perl. no, im not saying that perl should be used to solve every problem out there. but it sure as hell fits a lot more scenarios a lot more snuggly than java.

anyhow. sorry. i dont even know where the java rant came from. im sitting here. enjoying myself. writing some perl. and BAM! this burning sensation inside me that just say java sucks. ;)

thank you, drive through please.

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