Wednesday, December 29, 2004

xbox linux

anyone have an xbox they don't play anymore that they would like to sell? i think i would like to get one to use as a dedicated linux box here at the house.

unfortunately i cannot just go out and buy a new one, or even one of the refurbs, since they are all manufactured after feb 2004, which means they require a mod chip and cannot just be flashed. its not easy to chip the newer ones, nor is it cheap. blah.

anyone out there have an older xbox that they dont have modded that they will swap for a newer one? :)

either scenario would be fine.

java? really?

do you ever just sit back and wonder what the hell people are thinking when they try to use java in situations where it just is not needed? i personally have very little interest in ever working with java again, however i do understand that there are environments and purposes that it fits well (and those environments generally do not suit me well... we dont play nicely together), and more power to them. unfortunately 95% of the java used in this world is completely unjustified, and it is a horrible thing to see. everything is overcomplicated, bloated and slow. yes, the other 5% kicks ass. well written. well designed. and its used in an environment where it is called for. but thats not the norm.

fortunately i live in a world where there are companies that been shown the magical powers that be with the wonderful language of perl. no, im not saying that perl should be used to solve every problem out there. but it sure as hell fits a lot more scenarios a lot more snuggly than java.

anyhow. sorry. i dont even know where the java rant came from. im sitting here. enjoying myself. writing some perl. and BAM! this burning sensation inside me that just say java sucks. ;)

thank you, drive through please.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

its tuesday!

whats that you say? whats so special about this day? what what what? this day? its tuesday! if you ever needed justification for getting 'just one more drink' ;) -- its the greatest of all reasons i say! its tuesday! have another one on me and have a great time. you cant beat a good tuesday. its like a rule or something.

Monday, December 27, 2004


monday night football. eagles and rams. buffalo wild wings. anyone feel like joining me? ;)


not good news for anyone.. :( earthquake / tidal wave

update -- death tolls now estimated over 150,000 :(

*brrrrrrrrr* i come back into the office and being my work day, after a nice holiday weekend, i realize that someone did not get the memo about my discomfort when it comes to cold weather. yes, i love snow. i think its wonderful. but i do not like to be cold. its freezing in this office and that does not help my productivity. just an fyi for the powers that be. ;)

/me sits here with my jacket and scarf on, shivering in front of my keyboard.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Merry Christmas

merry christmas everyone! we went to the titans game tonight, and even though it was not much of a game, we still had a great time. sherri's (sister) boss was incredibly generous and hooked her up with 8th row 40yd line seats and it was quite wonderful. it was so close to the titans sideline, it just was not even funny. we have some pics, but they do not do it justice. i might post a couple of them a bit later.

anyhow, i hope everyone had a great time, and enjoy your holiday weekend. anyone got big plans for new years?

Thursday, December 23, 2004

blissful morning

*sigh* i mean... you just cant ask for more than this. snow covered ground. flurries in the air... you just cant beat it. you cant. its impossible. ;)

looks like most of the major roads are completely fine, just the daunting task of getting out of my iced over cul-de-sac without hitting anything.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


blah. cold rainy days suck quite profusely. fortunately, the word on the street is that this will turn to snow, possibly 1-2 inches tonight and tomorrow. this makes me very happy. i love snow. i mean, if its going to be cold, why not just go ahead and snow you know? ;)

Monday, December 20, 2004

google suggest

Kim pointed me to check out Google Suggest today.. pretty nice little feature. Can't wait for it to become part of the default search page.

In other news, gmail still rocks and anyone that needs an invite just let me know.

divx hardware / dvd player

I picked up a new dvd player a week or so ago, and I must say I'm impressed. Not only does it play DVDs quite well (something I have had an issue with on occasion when using my XBox to play DVDs), but it supports playback of DivX and other MPEG4 formats (such as Xvid) from either CD or DVD media. This is great!

View Specs @

This is a very nice feature! You can either play your own divx/xvid files that you have encoded from DVDs that you own, or you can use the rental service, "DivX VOD".

Definitely worth checking out, and a great price ($80 or less) for a nice progressive scan dvd player.

Note -- Thanks to Doug for pointing this DVD player out to me.

mo bidness, as usual

got my bidness cards in today that ill be using for my consulting work. its not anything special but im still excited. [view]


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Spent the weekend doing a little work (and I'm emphasize little), watching some Smallville (shhhh! don't tell anyone!), spending time with some family doing an early Christmas thing in Manchester and watching football. Not a bad weekend, although I got very little actually accomplished.

Blah.. back to work.

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