Friday, September 07, 2007

comcast sucks

You know what pisses me off? Things like this. Comcast has begun cutting off service of people who download too much, saying those users are being unfair to other users of the service.

Hello!?! You sell an internet service, where you limit speeds to a certain amount. You don't even gurantee those speeds. A user should have the right to use as much of that alloted speed as they can, as much as they want. If you aren't happy with how much they are able to use it, then scale back the download speeds and stop playing the marketing game. You got yourself into the mess trying to beat everyone else with claims of higher speed downloads and all that. You started it Comcast. It's not like it matters anyway, they only download excessively around 20 days on average per month, to account for the ever present modem resets and other downtime Comcast customers are forced to deal with.

When I moved into my new house, I brought over my ClearWire wireless internet, and signed up for DirecTV. I had reservations.. concerns over whether or not Halo 3 will play cleanly over this wireless connection. I had reservations over whether I wanted DirecTV and either have to pay extra to have high def at every TV, or go with comcast where I can get high def boxes for the same lease fee I'm paying for standard boxes with DirecTV. Those reservations are gone. Comcast is crap. Always has been. Always will be as long as they keep thinking like this.

Oh, and I *love* the fact that Comcast is about to be in a real mess when the law suits start coming in for Comcast's efforts to battle torrent downloads. I didn't say illegal torrent downloads, as they don't distinguish between legal torrents and illegal torrents. They have been forging packets causing problems with transmissions of torrent downloads in an effort to slow down torrent downloads. Turns out, forging packets in that manner is QUITE illegal in this country. They could have just dropped the packets, and that's fine. But instead to cause a real mess they decided to started forging packets. Bad Comcast. I really hope that one comes back to bite you.

Once again, if you aren't happy with what people are using all your precious bandwidth for, stop increasing your limits for marketing purposes, only to circumvent people who actually try to use what you advertise.